Thursday, February 5, 2009

Any Big Plans for 2009?

One of the bloggers that I follow has a list of winter projects that she reviews in the winter. Since she's in the great frozen north, that winter is much longer than ours (thank goodness!). The premise is the same, however, and one I thought was worth pursuing more.

Do you have any major plan for your garden this season? Anything you've identified as "missing" in your garden world?


As much as I would like to be organized in my plant purchases, I am inevitably drawn to those "I really need one of those" purchases, that manage to stay in pots behind the house for weeks or months until I discover the PERFECT spot for them. Mike Francis (the Japanese maple guru) accused me (unfairly, of course) at this year's Southeastern Flower Show of redefining "competitive gardening" with my purchase of the Aurea pine, and my delight when he ran out of them shortly after my purchase!

In any case, over the past few years, the perennial bed has gone from a specific color driven design to a "mixed border," to a somewhat hodgepodge collection of things that all happen to like sun. A few "must have" hellebores, a daphne odora and some sweet woodruff plants have found their ways into the "only ferns" bed by the front door. The Japanese maple island seems to have discovered a couple of exotic hydrangeas and a dogwood or get the picture.

All that said, my commitment this year is to add some STRUCTURE to my garden, which is affectionately called the step child. I'm sure by September it will look like Versailles......maybe with a couple of quirks.......(Check out the photo of a "redneck Stonehenge".....that's my fantasy!)
So what are your major plans this year?


  1. Oh, I wish I had spectacular plans this year, but the truth is that I would just like to have a garden that looks like a garden rather than a crazy mess. So, with that in mind, I'll continue working on the order from chaos thing. And...I've got four new 8'x4' raised beds to plant vegetables in.

  2. Now, Miss Phyllis, you are the one who taught me that a gardener isn't successful until the neighbors are talking! Something tells me you have a little bit of a reputation for your garden???

  3. I'm considered the "Mad Hatter of the Garden" by my neighbors. But yes, I'm gaining recognition daily. It may only be from code enforcement; but it's recognition non the less!