Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Promise of Spring

Even after a week of freezing weather, a walk through the garden reminded me of why I moved to the South in the first place.  It seems as soon as there is an inkling of warmth and sunshine, the spring bloomers are showing signs of life.

In the vegetable garden, the broccoli made it through the freeze just fine, and is continue to grow under the shelter of those big leaves.
The rhododendrons are promising a wonderful spring show, just covered with giant swelling buds.  This particular shrub is well over my head, so I needed to take this shot from underneath the leaves.  That's a rare occurence in the south, where they typically don't handle the summer heat well.
Outside the screened porch, the Edgeworthia buds are about to pop, releasing that incredible fragrance.
Hypericum "Brigadoon" is cautiously sending out new growth, which will go blue later in the season.  There is no better show than this little plant when the "Peacock Blue" selaginella comes out all around it.
I'm feeling warmer already.......


  1. I love living in a temperate climate...I couldn't bear to stop gardening because of the Winter.

  2. maybe for you. Had our third snow in two weeks time here. Luuuuuv the header.

  3. OK, now I want the Hypericum. Considering all the plants hanging around on my patio in pots waiting their turn to get in the ground, that could be tough.

  4. Hi Tim,
    With everything in winter mode and covered in snow once again over here, it was very cheering indeed to read your post and see some garden life. It reminds me that things will once again come to life when the thaw happens. The Rhodo looks very healthy, and as for the broccoli, you have reminded me about starting on the allotment properly soon. My broccoli wont look as good as that though!

  5. It's great to see signs of spring in the deep mid winter :)