Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunflower Farm Festival

We spent the morning with Tony & Nina at the Sunflower Farm Festival in Rutledge, Georgia.  It is always a great, simple way to start the July 4th festivities, and an excuse to eat peach ice cream at 10 AM.  This first photo is a pretty substantial "container arrangement" near the entrance to the artists market.
The fence around the sunflower fields becomes a little more "artsy" every year, as different treasures are added to the old fence. 

Another great container arrangment, next to one of those "necessary" outbuildings.  The ones that are actually in use aren't a lot more sophisticated than this one, though. 

This little boy was having a grand time having his own parade in a mixed cottage garden on the property. 
The farm produces sunflower seeds for planting, eating, and bird seed mixes, and the family is incredibly generous with their property, sharing all gate proceeds with various charities.  The artists market and food vendors all set up tents in a shady grove in the midst of 15 acres of blooming sunflowers.

As always, click them to see more detail.


  1. Love the fence! Amazing how they incorporated the garden tools. Those sunflowers aren't too shabby either. Hope you're having a great summer.


  2. If I had the time and the energy, I would SOOO have a field of sunflowers ... or Cosmos ... or both. All the roses take up too much time, I'm afraid. This doesn't stop me from picking up packets of seeds that interest me at the store or at plant swaps.

  3. The fence reminds me of several I saw on Ocracoke last summer. I am not sure what it would keep out or in, but it was full of found objects, seashells and momentos.