Sunday, July 12, 2009

The New Hampshire Trip - Fuller Gardens

The trip to New Hampshire was awesome, and provided a good opportunity to see the area during good weather for the first time in many years. We both grew up in that area, but since we typically do the trip home at the holidays, it is always gray-brown and dreary. I had truly forgotten how glorious the summers are!

I'm working on the photos from Celia Thaxter's garden (the whole point of the trip), but here are a few from the Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, NH. I would really encourage anyone to visit if they are in the greater Boston area between May and September. It was the summer home of Alvan Fuller (governor of Massachusetts during the early 20th century), and is maintained much as it was during the Fullers residence there. Since it was designed as a (pretty grand) private residence), it is not as large as most public gardens, but the details are exquisite. The Fullers collected lots of art in the travels around the US and Europe, and those pieces are some of my favorite things in the garden.
Obviously most of these things are out of reach for the real world, but things like the tuteurs for the clematis are something I'm going to try to copy in the big house garden. (Don't forget that you can click on these photos to see them in more detail).


  1. Congrats on the Horticulture article. NH and not RI? Would have loved to see you and show you the time? The Fuller garden is lovely and looking forward to pictures of Celia Thaxter's garden.

  2. That is a gorgeous place. I have been wondering where you have have been travelling everywhere