Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update on Two Disappointing Annuals

Two of the annuals I used for this summer have proven to be huge disappointments. Has anyone else had better luck with these two?

The first, Ptilotus "Joey" was touted in all of the plant magazines as the latest hottest thing. Fortunately it was promoted so well that Elaine, my annuals supplier, couldn't get a lot of it for me to use for a whole bed. I ended up picking up six plants at two different retailers, and used them in containers at home and at the big house. Beautiful show for a few weeks, then fizzled to nothing. I'm glad Elaine couldn't get a lot of it!

The other is Milky Way Calibrachoa, promoted as the greatest new thing for summer heat and humidity. Also said to be the perfect plant for Atlanta, where most of the "Million Bells" can't handle the summer heat and humidity.....maybe just not in my part of town! It did the same as "Joey," looked great for a while, then slowly fried in the summer heat. Of the 12 plants I started with, one is hanging on, but looking a little sad.

Oh, well, live and learn......


  1. I'm not familiar with the first plant you mentioned but calibrachoa has been hit and miss. It has all died in my garden pots but there are a few that the beautification board planted in the downtown containers and they are nice. Such a fickle plant!

  2. I haven't planted either, sorry Im of no help