Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is Coming.....

At 7 o'clock this morning it was already 73 degrees and sticky when I went outside to spend a little time cleaning in the Stepchild garden.  We're nearing that time of year in Atlanta when the only reasonable gardening hours are between 8 PM and 8 AM.

This is also the time of year when I am reminded of just how heavily things are planted in the Stepchild, and I have to start getting ruthless in thinning and "passing along" plants.  We spent yesterday doing the same thing in the perennial garden at the Big House.
The Endless Summer hydrangea looked so big a few weeks ago in the mixed border along the street, but now it's almost buried by the cleome, and there there are all the Chinese lanterns coming up through the hydrangea blooms.
Hydrangea "Lanarth's White" still showing a lot of blue near the front door.
Parts of the mixed border are getting ready for July 4th, it seems.  Monarda, Ruellia, Ageratum, and Ammi majus.
The garden snobs will probably hate the garish color combinations, but I really like how happy this area looks.  The Endless Summer, cleome, rose campion, and calendula.
Another shot of the mixed border from the front door.  Can you tell that I'm a big fan of achillea?

As always, click to make them bigger if you'd like.


  1. I love hydrangeas and chinese lanterns.. I've got pink ones... love the achillea...your garden is heaven

  2. I just added 39 new achillea plants to my yard. I scattered them in areas where I have lots of sun and low water retention. They're still turning black at the bottom, but I know next year, they'll return and be lovely.

    I haven't seen some of these photos before and I think it's wonderful. My bee balm is just starting. We grow a lot of the same plants.

  3. Oh I hate it when the heat and humidity arrives. Ugh. I noticed my "Lanarth White" was blue too this year. I thought it was one that was supposed to stay white? Apparently not!

  4. Phillip, this is the first time I've seen any blue on mine, but it definitely is not "white" this season. Maybe the extra cold and wet?

    Tom, you are a brave soul to start with 39 achillea. I started with five, and now have hundreds! Sometimes when it starts to get messy looking, I cut it back to six inches and it flushes right back out and continues to flower!

  5. Hi Tim

    Your garden looks wonderful.

    Love the strong colours and I'm suffering from Hydrangea envy!


  6. Your pic of Lanarth White is causing hydrangea envy in me too. But if I have to take your heat and humidity along with the ability to grow that lovely shrub I'll just enjoy it vicariously.

  7. Although I complain about the heat and humidity occasionally (like this weekend, when the "heat index" will push us over 100 degrees), I will never return to the land of the snowy winters! I'm one of the only people I know who likes Charleston or New Orleans in July!

  8. Your garden is beautiful. Ive fallen in love with the Hydrangea, blue or white. I too am a huge fan of achillea (particularly summer berries) but after planting a dozen plants last year i need to dig some out because its every where!

  9. I am bowled over by the many blooms in your garden!! Gorgeous!