Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weather's Still Miserable, but......

I have a hard time staying cranky about the weather for a long period in the summertime.  Last night we had pretty active thunder and lightning for a few hours, but not a drop of rain.  They're saying a 60% chance for today, but I'll believe it when it happens.  At the moment it's already 76 degrees (6:45 AM).

However hot and sticky it is, this is still better than snow! (and from what I hear, the weather in the north this summer is only slightly better than snow.....)  I'm beginning to agree with Tom from Seventh Street that we should only plant achillea and cone flowers in the south next year!  Maybe I'll add garden phlox to that list, since it seems to be loving the current weather, too.

Here's a shot from "home" (the coast of NH) to cool your screen down a little.  Hopefully it will be that nice when we're there next month.

Have a cool day!


  1. We have been cursed with the same weather pattern. Days in the 90's, and until recently we have been having rain bearing storms. However, they have not been enough to compensate for the drying temps. In spite of all that, I too prefer it to snow and ice.

  2. We're looking forward to some rain here in the UK too, which is unusual for us, especially in Wimbledon fortnight! Watering is never the same as a good heavy shower is it? I'm wondering what Mother of Thyme is that surrounds your olive tree, is it the normal broadleaf thyme that we grow here or something else? Love your Crocosmia Lucifer.