Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Color

Seasonal color is never really consistent in Atlanta from one year to the next.  This year has been better than many of the past few, since it's been really dry.  Not all of these photos are autumn foliage, but some interesting things I saw while walking through the garden this morning.

The blooms of Autumn Cherry always seem particularly beautiful to me.  (In fact, this is the tree that "Mr" always says "only Tim could love" because it's elderly, covered with lichens, and looks like it has leprosy most of the time.)
Burning Bush off in the distance above the waterfall. 
I just love the flowers of Fatsia japonica! 
The Festival Grass is now completely dead (it's an annual), but I really like the contrast against the vibrant new pansies.  Tomorrow's rain will probably finish it off, and it will need to come out. 
The berries of Pyracantha "Mojave" against those of Parneyii Cotoneater. 


  1. Hi Tim,
    What is the botanical name of the autumn cherry? Very pretty and unusual.
    Great post!

  2. It is Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis." It is really beautiful, in the same way that Grizzabella was in "Cats," if that gives you an idea....

  3. The burning bush is such a nice vibrant color. It's lovely!

  4. I just saw your past post you have a beautiful garden house......Julian

  5. I am glad someone else appreciates the little Sputnik-like blooms on the Fatsia.