Friday, April 8, 2011

Frank's New Roses

After years of listening to me justify my plant purchases, ruined carpets from Georgia red clay, and crazy water bills during Georgia's drought years, Frank has finally caught that plant bug.  Sometimes he's a little hesitant in expressing his illness, but it's definitely there.

The symptoms:  (1)  It was Frank's idea, not mine, to take a tour of English gardens last fall; (2)  There have been many more questions than in the past about the particulars of a plant, it's likes and dislikes, etc.; (3)  He made an observation that he didn't know where to buy rose gloves.

In any case, Frank officially has his own rose collection in the midst of the Stepchild Garden, and I'm delighted!  In the middle of clearing away the sod and cutting into the Georgia red clay, he observed that perhaps it's time we found a younger helper to work in the garden now and then........

The circular bed is starting with five English roses, since I've had good luck with them in the ridiculous Southern heat and humidity, and I'm hoping Frank has the same (or better results). 

In the center, he has "Claire Austin," a white climber named for David Austin's daughter.  Choosing this color was a little challenging, because it's going to climb a blue pillar that matches the "Hummingbird Blue" door of the "Not Shed."  This particular rose is an incredibly beautiful white, and I can't wait to see it start to climb!
James Galway, a classic pink rose with an old-fashioned rose fragrance. 
Mardi Gras, a 2008 All American Rose winner with a somewhat "peppery" fragrance. 
Othello, a deep beautiful burgundy. 
"The Pilgrim," a beautiful multi-toned yellow, because Frank absolutely adores yellow roses. 
Photos of the bed to follow as soon as things start to flush out a little in the next couple of months!  (These photos are David Austin's, not mine)


  1. What fun to have another gardener to plant shop and tour with. I cannot wait to see the rose garden. Anticipation is half the fun isn't it?

  2. Wonderful choices!! I have roses to anticipate in my own immature David Austin garden this spring.

  3. These all look like beautiful varieties...And it is great that his interest in gardening is growing.

  4. Timmy!... Are you are sure you're ready to share a shovel with someone on the verge of roseaholic syndrome?


  5. Well you had me with the pictures of Claire Austin! I just planted a non climbing version. And your circular bed sounds so nice. I would like a "real" Rose garden. Where is your post about your tours of English Gardens. That would be a dream come true for me!

  6. I happen to adore roses, as well, so am delighted that Frank wants to officially have them. So many gardeners have a major attitude about roses (apparently they're somehow evil), so I'm feeling safety in numbers.

  7. Just love all your roses, they are gorgeous!

  8. Hi Tim,
    Some fantastic varieties of rose there! I have to say that my favourite is Othello.

  9. Hi Tim

    I too am growing all of these in a clients garden apart from Mardi Gras. Last summer was their first flowering. Claire Austin is a stunning rose, you'll love it!


  10. I'm sure that's fun. Lovely roses. Suddenly I'm in love with roses - at least those I can grow here.

  11. Those david austin roses are just lovely aren't they, the only problem I have is in choosing which one to buy. Claire Austin looks delightful, looks a little like the Crocus Rose I bought some years ago from austin and has proved a very good do-er.