Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Rest of the Nurseries Caroliniana List

Here's the rest of what I got last week on the roadtrip to Nurseries Caroliniana.

Quince "Toya Nishiki," for the garden at the Big House.  I've had this one for a few years in the Stepchild Garden, and it always blows me away with its color in late winter.  So many quinces are garish reds (or boring whites).  This one is a true shell pink, with strong apricot overtones.  Grows like a weed in Georgia!
Gold Locust "Frisia."  This locust is absolutely beautiful in the landscape, and keeps this great chartreuse color all season, even in Georgia heat!  I planted it at the Big House, against a row of magnolias and arborvitae that are dark green all year.  This baby just glows! 
Confederate Rose "Plena Flora."  This is almost a requirement in Southern gardens.  It goes completely dormant in winter, then shoots up to 10 feet like a rocket!  Covered with these huge fluffy flowers from September until hard frost. 
Cornus florida "Kay's Appalachian Mist."  This was to replace some of the native dogwoods at the Big House, which don't tend to live a long time.  This particular cultivar is noted for being resistant to mildew, so I'm hoping that's true.  The blooms are just exquisite at the moment. 
Poncirus "Flying Tiger."  I love this plant, though it is positively evil.  Twisted branches covered with twisted thorns that grab you when you walk by!  Beautiful white flowers in spring followed by inedible oranges in the fall, the look is great attached to an arbor (just make sure it's big enough to walk under without getting grabbed!)  I first fell in love with it on an arbor at Historic Oakland Cemetery. 
Cornus rutgans "Stellar Pink."  Another relatively new cultivar that is mildew resistant.  I fell in love with the color!   Blooms after C. florida and before C. kousa.


  1. Your plants have been cooking sweet blooms and fruits! How lovely!

  2. Thanks for your comments on Lady in Red. I will tell you how it does. Will look at Midnight Duchess for sure.