Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dwarf Morning Glory "Royal Ensign"

I bought this plant just as a trial when I was placing my order with Select Seeds, and so far it is a real winner in the garden at the Big House.  It is actually "Convolvulus tricolor," which bears very little resemblance to a morning glory under than the shape (and perhaps the color) of the blooms.

In any case, it has stood up (and even thrived) in the crazy Atlanta heat, and is dancing in and out amongst some of the other things in the perennial bed.  It is fairly compact, and is a great stand in for the blue geraniums that fill that role during spring and fall. 

I started some inside and some directly outside in the beds, and both are doing beautifully.  This is definitely going to be on next year's shopping list, as well.


  1. Last year when I tried Wintersowing for the first time, I was so tempted to try that, but was afraid of it as it is in the morning glory family I think and my knowledge of MG is that they spread profusely and need to be trained on a trellis or fence. I don't have a fence, and can't put up an arbor and I was afraid it would outgrow the regular size trellis. Tell me something about its growth habits. Will it grow in a large container that I can put a wire trellis in the pot for it to ciimb? It is so pretty and it's hard to find something in the blue colors. Is it an annual or perennial? Last year I got a pkt. of seeds in the first wintersown swap and I just traded them off to somebody else because I didn't know anything about it.

  2. Hi Betty!

    I have it in the perennial bed, where it is about 18 inches high and wide. At this point, it doesn't have any trellis or support and seems to be just fine. It also doesn't look like it's going to go crazy with growth (but it's not the same genus as what we generally know as morning glories). Select Seeds lists it as a "hardy annual," which might mean it will reseed in Atlanta, but will let you know. Good luck with it!

  3. I have not grown that one but it is quite a cheery blue. I can see why you like it.

  4. Never tried it, but it looks like something for cooler weather.