Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Few Containers and a Great Annual

All of this heat combined with the downpours of a couple of nights ago seems to have given the containers a little added "boost."  The tropicals are certainly loving the combination!
I used the "Bengal Tiger" canna mostly for the foliage, since this container really only gets about an hour of sun each day.  The blooms were an added bonus! 
The nesting birds have finally left this container in front of the house, so it was safe to water and "fluff" a little.  As invasive as it can be, the Jewels of Opar adds a great ethereal feel to the arrangment. 
At the pool, the "Spanish Flag" vine is beginning to take over the palms.  Fortunately it's a really delicate vine, so they coexist quite happily for the summer.
This one below is Proven Winners' "Supertunia Sangria Charm," which is holding up to the Atlanta heat and humidity much better than most petunias.  This is what they look like after a full two weeks of temperatures in the 90's.  I might be tempting fate, but this is the look with absolute ZERO deadheading or trimming since they were planted in late April! 
As always, click to make bigger if you want!


  1. They are full and robust. Beautiful combinations.Your containers are also a good size, to scale with the surroundings!

  2. I am glad to hear there is another Petunia for Southerners. We have great success with the Vista series, especially Bubble Gum, but there are other colors as well.