Sunday, February 26, 2012

Atlanta Botanical Garden

I was speaking yesterday at "The Inspired Gardener" Symposium at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (more photos from that later), so I didn't have an opportunity to venture far from the facility where the program was being held. I did snap a few photos of the areas just outside the doors yesterday that I thought were great for those of us suffering from a little "cabin fever". Enjoy!  (As always, click to make them bigger if you'd like).

This bench is the perfect place to sit with the winter sun on your face while sipping coffee in the morning.  Just look at the bark on that "Natchez" Crape Myrtle!  It's part of an allee that leads to the great lawn.
These next two are of the parterre garden anchored by Dale Chihuly's incredible glass sculpture in the fountain.  This first one was taken from my position on the bench, above.

Loved this metal sculpture that is part of the current exhibit.  It's one of many, each painted a different vibrant color.  This matches the accent color in my home garden, so it's a good thing it was too heavy to carry home.....

The white berried Nandina works beautifully outside the Japanese garden.  I know it's incredibly common, but I still love the plain old red berried Nandina Domestica. (And, yes, I know it can be invasive...that's why God gave us hands to yank it out when it pops up in places we don't want it!)


  1. Hi Tim,
    I think that hte fountain in Dale Chihulys garden is beautiful, and that I had enough room to have it in my own garden. Also, yep...the sculpture would have to find a home too....lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for taking us on a mini tour of the botanical garden. I'm a fan of Dale Chihuly's work and seeing his exhibition at Kew Gardens many years ago was wonderful!

  3. The yellow berried nandina is a local favorite here, especially for its use in Christmas decorations as an alternative to the traditional red.

  4. Nothing like a flower show to get the inspiration moving. Love the Chihuly fountain. Did you purchase it for your garden?