Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few More Spring Photos

Pieris japonica "River Valley" looks incredible now, just before it bursts into bloom!
Across the creek, the fiddleheads of Bramble Fern (Hypolepis grandulifera) are poking their heads through the mulch.

At this time of year the southern turfgrasses are still dormant, so the mondo looks just beautiful.  I would love to take credit for that "wave" look, but it just does that on its own. 
The dwarf boxwood ( Buxus microphylla 'Grace Hendrick Phillips')has taken a couple of years, but is now filling in enough to become a proper hedge in the walled garden. 
Hellebore madness!  They are such promiscuous plants, one never knows what to expect.  Here the variety looks pretty fabulous with the bronzed winter foliage of the arborvitae ferns and the moss covered stones. 
Camelia japonica "Nuccio's Pearl" has incredible blooms.  This one always has some funk issues with the foliage, since it is literally growing under the bridge shown in the photo above, and hangs over the creek, so it's always damp and dark.  ("Funk" is an official horticultural term in these parts.) 
As always, click to make them bigger if you'd like!


  1. Your garden is looking lovely! And interesting to see how ahead your growing season compared to ours.

  2. It will be a few more weeks before our ferns start to show. They are fascinating plamts for a garden - I really ought to grow more of them.


  3. Lovely indeed! I LOVE that photo of the lone Fern frond emerging from the mulch...spectacular!