Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't Forget to Stop and Smell the Viburnums!

I was all set to do a post about gardening tasks, calendars, journals, etc., etc., and decided to play hookey from responsibilities!  If the weather is as beautiful where you are as it is in Atlanta at the moment, take time to enjoy the garden you've created!  (And if the weather isn't so nice, hang in there for another week or so!)
Here are some shots that are literally things between my driveway and my front door.  Not glamorous, but definitely welcome sights at the end of winter.

This is Kerria japonica, which is lanky and sometimes weedy looking, but one of the happiest plants I know.  It blooms heavily now, and then will continue to bloom on-and-off until the frost knocks it back a little.  When we have a warm week in the dead of winter, it's likely to pop out a few little blooms, as well.  This one is in the part of the Stepchild Garden I call "The Wild."
Leftover narcissus bulbs from the Big House were potted to go on the tables around the pool, but this pot cracked.....oh, well, Mr. and Mrs. are away for a few days, so these blooms get to sit on my little rock wall next to the garage. 
Mohawk Viburnum is one of the most fragrant plants I know, and the scent is just overwhelming when the sun hits it.  They are incredibly common (I bought eight of them for $50 a couple of years ago), and will reach 12 feet if you just let them be. 

Stop looking at your computer and go outside!


  1. Your last sentence made me laugh! It's looking sunny and lovely here too, looking forward to doing some gardening once I get home :)

  2. I would go outside, but it is dark now.

  3. These blooms arre wonderful .... Love your spring !

  4. Isn't kerria a wonderful shrub? I wonder why more people do not grow it. I love the photo on your header.

  5. Just started following, and I love the pics. Great work.