Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Early Morning Stroll in the Garden

This has been an incredibly mild winter in Atlanta, and the spring is also seeing temperatures well above normal, which means the spring flowers are just bursting all over the place!  Here are a few photos from early Friday morning in the garden.  As always, click on them to make them larger if you'd like.

The Carolina Jessamine completely engulfs a black iron fence each year; this season is no different.

The view from the gate of the walled garden across the creek is a beautiful greeting every morning.  The little helicopter-like seedpods on the maple, the Easten redbuds, and requisite Azaleas stand out in this shot. 
Mexican Feather Grass hides some of the mess in the area near the "critter feeder".....don't tell the neighbors that we put out peanuts and corn for the squirrels and crows!  The concrete leaves are little little headstones to plants from past seasons in the garden. 
I'm tempted to put a sign near this bed of narcissus repeating Queen Victoria's quote, "Nothing succeeds like wretched excess!"  If 25 narcissus are good, then 75 must be better! 
The pansies in these beds near the greenhouse are loving the early burst of sunshine and heat....pity we're going to tear them out of the ground in a few weeks! 
This patio peach is called "Bonfire" and was in a container for a couple of seasons before being transplanted into the garden.  Pretty amazing color! 
The Eastern redbuds and Yoshino cherries are both bursting with color around the greenhouse at this time of year. 
Senstive Fern and Heuchera that we thought were gone seem to have reemerged this year. 
This broken pot of Solomon's Seal lives under a cluster of Southern magnolias, and is incredibly tough, despite its delicate appearance. 
The variegated iris positively glows in the early morning.  That coreopsis gets torn out every year and comes back with more vigor than ever again in the spring! 
A view toward the swing across the creek 


  1. So much new growth! The garden's looking neat and tidy, pristine even. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have had a lovely warm, sunny day today - it makes such a difference to the amount of work that get's done.

    Here, the first of the spring blossoms are just thinking about blooming and the first leaves are beginning to burst. Daffodils are in full flower but that's about it - roll on Spring!

    Love the Carolina Jessamine. What's it's botanical name as wouldn't mind trying one myself. Guess it would have to stay in the conservatory, 'though.


  3. Gelsemium sempervirens is the Carolina Jessamine. It is truly a beautiful thug plant here, and unless it is perfectly sited (where it will struggle a little), needs to be cut back severely each year or it sucks up everything in its path. Johnson, don't give up on me for Chelsea next year....still in the works!

  4. A corner of my house is being eaten by Carolina Jessamine and Lady Banks Rose. They will receive a crew cut in just a few weeks.