Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Better Shot of the Pansy Container

Here's a better shot of the container. It's in the midst of a sweep of camellias and azaleas, so it's a sea of glossy dark green in the summer. Morning sun only, once the trees leaf out.

Anyone have a brilliant suggestion for summer color? Last year I used Kimberly Queen Fern, Pink Double Impatien, Caladium and Creeping Jenny. The bowl is fairly shallow, so it won't accommodate things with large rootballs. I'm using apricots, oranges, and blues this summer.

Maybe I'll come up with a prize if the ideas are really good!


  1. Is the prize the container?????? If so I will give you all the ideas you want ;).

    Alyssum, verbena, marigolds, petunia, a low ground cover type phlox, euphorbia, monarda, lobelia, ageratum, cosmos, dwarf plumbago, and throw some succulents in for added interest.

    Ofcourse this was just a totally randon list. Let us know what you come up with. Love the color combination :)

  2. I think hens and chicks look really cool in that kind of shallow container, but they're not so colorful most of the time.

  3. It needs something trailing/falling over the sides; sweet potato vine perhaps, it comes in purple, bacopa comes in blue and white and dangles nicely.

  4. I love the planting in that beautiful bird bath. What a wondeful idea. I can't wait to follow you this spring here at blogger.

    Happy Spring New Garden Friend.