Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Sakurafubuki" is the Japanese term for the blizzard of cherry blossoms that occurs every spring. If you know me personally, you'll understand that this is one of those bizarre sorts of things that I just HAVE to know!

Anyway, I was walking through the garden this afternoon as I was finishing for the day, amazed at the things that have visibly grown in the past few days. It's been very warm in Atlanta, and as my friend Carolyn said, "Everything is looking like a big Easter basket!" I was walking under the grove of Yoshino cherry trees that are behind the greenhouse, looked up, and was so excited to see blossoms on one of the branches. Not buds, mind you, but full blown blossoms!

It's not exactly the Sakurafubuki that will come in a few weeks, but it's definitely on its way! When it happens for a couple of weeks every spring, it reconfirms for me what magic there is in gardening!

I will definitely get a photo this year from under the trees (in the midst of the "blizzard"), but here's one from last year that shows just how awesome this sight is!

If you don't have Yoshino cherry in your garden, go out NOW and buy one.....or twelve!


  1. Sa-weet! Sakurafubuki sounds like a naughty word and a beautiful word, all in one. I bought a retro drinking glass that has what I think are cherry blossoms on it. Now I can saw Sakurafubuki! instead of cheers! if using it to toast. :)

  2. ok...I can't get past the greenhouse! WOW! It is bigger than my entire house (or looks to be anyway!).

    I am excited about seeing the dogwood and cherry blossoms this weekend when I head to the woods (it's turkey season ;)). I am always amazed by their beauty (the trees and the turkeys lol!). The oldtimers always say that the turkeys start to gobble when the dogwoods bloom and this is 100% true. Amazing....nature in sync. Have a great week

  3. Hi Tim

    I know where you're coming from. Blossom time is in many ways THE gardening time. Just perfect, I look forward to the pics of the snow blizzard.


  4. I love the yoshino and noticed that it has started to bud out. It has to be one of the most beautiful trees. Is that your house in the photo? I really like - is that a glass roof?

  5. It is not my house. I garden professionally, and that is the greenhouse on the property where I work most days. It happens to be extraordinarily beautiful. The area inside the walled bed is the perennial/vegetable garden (organic), and we utilize the greenhouse very heavily. There are about 60 large containers around the property, so all of the summer tropicals are kept in the greenhouse over the winter; it's also where we start lots of plants. It was really awesome with the snow on the roof a couple of weeks ago!

  6. Indeed, cherry blossoms shout SPRING! We've another month or so before we hear the shout here.