Friday, November 13, 2009

Chuck's Latest Purchases

I learned a long time ago not to mention any idea to Chuck unless I was prepared to IMMEDIATELY move forward with it. Chuck is my friend from across the street, who also works with me regularly at the big house, and has built most of the wooden arbors, trellises, etc., around my house.

Chuck has been “tweaking” the landscape around his own house for a couple of years, and it’s coming together beautifully. The added benefit to me is that the view out my windows is constantly improving!

Chuck has more stamina than anyone I know, and I have become accustomed to “Hey, I just got a good deal….can you help me move a tree with your truck?” This inncocent request will then be followed by, “It’s only a 17-foot tall b&b Deodor Cedar……” which needs to be moved in the next twenty minutes, and installed NOW.

Exactly two days ago, I mentioned to Chuck that I have a big order coming in, and the company has a couple of things he might be interested in….most notably, 25 gallon Bald Cypress and a 25 gallon Natchez Crape Myrtle. This statement was followed by, “There’s no urgency, look at this list at your convenience. I can order whenever.”

I just looked out the window to see Chuck in the Wrangler, chain around the bases of his existing GIANT privet hedge, yanking them out of the ground to make room for the new babies….and all of this is happening in the dark! (We neighbors are accustomed to seeing Chuck outside with a chainsaw and spotlights at 11 PM). In Chuck’s usual energetic way, he’s ready to have this Bald Cypress and Crape Myrtle in the ground…….are you sure they can’t deliver NOW?????

I have great admiration for his energy levels……..I think I’ll take a nap……..


  1. I like Chuck. He sounds like my kind of homeowner.

  2. I would LOVE to tell you he is full of it and made all of this up...but sadly MOST of the story is true. To be clear, I believe the conversation two nights ago went something like: "Hey...let's talk about that ugly privot WALL you are growing...exactly how HIGH are you wanting it to grow?!...wouldn't some sort of tree look MUCH better there???" For those of you that know Tim, you have to really PUNCH the "Hey..." at the begining... For some reason he thought a 40' tall Privot hedge might look a little like a prison wall?!

    All kidding aside, he is a great friend and garden mentor!

  3. OK, so maybe I commented A LITTLE on the unfriendly prison wall he was building on my side of his house......and maybe I pointed out that it was ugly.....and maybe I pointed out that it would NEVER be tall enough to shade his courtyard....and maybe I enlisted his wife to support my argument.....

  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for picking me up to follow. I don't have anyone from Georgia, and I am certain you have no Iowan tagging along yet. I am a mixture of many interests but garden things show up more than anything else. Now that winter is hitting, I will slow down on the garden stuff. It will be interesting to see if you and Chuck survive the new tree plantings. I have neighbors that I would like to take a chainsaw to their walnut trees so I can have decent apples. Hey I will have to try out that cake recipe on your 2008 blog.

  5. This sounds like how I do things. I get the idea in my mind, and I want it done now.

  6. I have a friend who has this same effect on me, though she's not a gardener! I have been known to garden in the dark, but I've only used a chainsaw in broad daylight!!

  7. Wow, I had that much energy when I was 27. I have to think about things a lot longer now. I want Chuck's energy level for sure!!!!