Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Grand Thanksgiving Morning

I don't have to cook this year, and it's 60 degrees and sunny outside, so it has been the perfect morning to alternate between getting some shrubs planted and watching the Macy's parade.

As always, the end-of-season plant sales released this buying monster in me, and I had managed to accumulate way too many shrubs that are being planted along the back property line (AKA the jungle) in the stepchild garden. It's been a property line for at least a hundred years (it was the border between two farms until the mid 1980's), so I have a fairly good barrier of old fashioned generic trees (hickories and such) there. Since they're all deciduous, though, my house becomes a bit of a fishbowl in winter, and I've wanted to add some more interest in that area.

I'm happy to see it's not even 1 o'clock, and I've gotten planted all of the shrubs that have been perched in pots around the garden for a few weeks -- 7 Parneyii Cotoneasters, 2 Camellia japonica "Gunsmoke" for some January color, a "Gold Finch" deciduous holly for the birds, a "Southern Gentleman" holly for the "Gold Finch," and a "Wolf Eyes" dogwood, because I want Phillip's garden. Since they are all at least 5 gallon plants, the effect is really pretty good.

The "Saratoga" gingko has dropped its leaves for another season, and it looks like it's going to spend another winter in a pot. I bought it with absolutely no place to plant it two years ago, and it just keeps getting bumped into larger containers. One day I'll learn.....


  1. The buying monster in you has gotten some great finds to plant. I love the looks of the Wolf Eyes Dogwoods.The birds will love you for the added bushes.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.Don't work the whole day.

  2. I really regret that we can't grow camellias. I even lost one as an indoor plant. I guess I need a greenhouse. You got a lot of work done today. It is warm for you there. We have sunshine this afternoon and the snow is all gone already.

  3. Learn? We never learn. We see plants and we buy them. I brought home a massive free standing wooden swing and stand that my sister was going to have made into firewood. It just need a coat of sealer. Did I mention I have no level ground and this thing takes up more space than my vegetable garden(s)? No, we never learn.

  4. Tom, I can fully relate to the swing. I have a giant iron bench in my garage, with no room to put it out. (Oh, well, we didn't need the grill anyway....)
    Larry, every time you regret about camellias, say, "lilacs".
    and, Ms. Hocking Hills, I really did get the "Wolf Eyes" because I want to have Phillip's (Dirt Therapy) garden!

  5. Hi Tim ~ thanks for visiting. At first I thought you might be my nephew Tim in Alpharetta (as lives another nephew)! My niece lives in Marietta and my sister once lived many years in Dunwoody. Fun to connect and enjoyed visiting your site :) Southern gardens are awesome!