Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall's Last Hoorah?

We woke up to rain and pretty strong breezes this morning, so it's probably the end of this year's color show. I really like the autumn shades, but I'm ready for the leaves to stop dropping. Sadie the dog is up to her elbows every morning as we walk near the old sweetgum! Here are a few shots from yesterday.

This is the oak near the driveway at the Big House. The colors are almost surreal this year, with shades that appear blue in the sunlight.
This is the one month of the year that I think "burning bush" justifies the space it occupies in the garden.
The "Lion's Head" maple has been moved from the front porch to it's winter residence in the wooded area.

This last one is a Japanese maple whose name I don't know. It's one of the few that holds its burgundy color in the southern heat, so when it starts to go red, the shading is pretty fabulous.


  1. At the store, we had burning bush on the shelves all summer. Not one sold. As soon as they started blushing red, they disappeared. Amazing isn't it?

  2. I have never hear of a lions head maple. It is a great looking tree. Nice colors but yes they will be gone soon. I have one bush left only that has leaves.

  3. Hey Tim, not to change your topic (or anything).But, I hear there is an OGR garden at The Atlanta Botanical Garden. Have you seen it????

  4. There is a beautiful rose garden at ABG, that is maintained completely organically. They've been doing a tremendous amount of construction during this past year, so I don't know if it's still the same as it was; I can't say that I've paid enough attention to the specific roses there. I'll get in touch with my friend Hillary, who is the senior horticulture person there, and get you a response.

  5. The Lion's Head maple is a great, small tree. We've kept it in basically a 20 gallon pot for a couple of years, and it will ultimately top out around 8 feet tall and wide. Both bark and leaves are chartreuse for most of the summer. It's going to a permanent home (in the landscape) at another house as soon as I get a day to move it.

  6. The maples are so outstanding this time of year. I can see how people can get addicted to the Japanese maples.