Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Weather Comfort

There are certain foods that I think each of us associates with cold weather. Chili, hot bowls of soup, the list goes on and on. One of mine, rather embarassingly, is Marshmallow Fluff.

Fluff is one of America's most versatile foods in my mind (remember that I am a degreed chef.....), and instantly brings me comfort in this ridiculously cold weather. How many foods can be eaten directly out the container while standing in the pantry, made into things like Whoopie Pies, used to top hot chocolate, or (only in winter) used in bowls of breakfast oatmeal? And don't forget the famous Fluffernutter sandwich, or the fact that it's really pretty amazing with ice cream and hot fudge! (New Englanders will stand in line at an ice cream stand in a blizzard).

"The Barefoot Contessa" (Ina Garten) is often mocked for repeatedly making reference to "good foods." (good bread, good olive oil, good spices, etc., etc.) Well, Fluff is one of those things that one should never accept substitutes for. I might not be able to detect differences in various brands of peanut butter, but don't even TRY to give me one of the knockoff brands of Fluff!

It's much too cold to garden today in most of the country, so get yourself to a supermarket and buy some Fluff! And don't foget that it's a fat-free and cholesterol-free food!......what could be bad?


  1. The only thing to be embarrassed about Fluff is eating it only in winter, lol! I love both "good" (healthy, haute cuisine, international) and "bad" (junk food, esp. if orange comes off on your hands) foods! I don't think your brand of fluff makes it to MI and that's a shame...

  2. I have two jars in my pantry right it;)

  3. In a small dumpy town I use to visit as a kid and I would enjoy the chocolate sundae's that they served. Old Mister Coleman would dig out this jar full of marshmallow cream, stir it up to loosen it up and then drizzle it to the side of the ice cream already covered with Hershey's chocolate. It was heaven. Have you ever bought these over sized marshmallows. I can chug a lot of those down in a row until I get too high on sugar.

  4. I think that it could be considered a "health food" for just the reasons that you gave....fat free and cholestrol free. Would you please pass the Fluff?

  5. I love marshmellow fluff. I love it in hot cocoa and on a peanut butter and banana sandwhich with some fluff! Its divine!

  6. I just had to laugh at this post as I have been feeling so very guilty at indulging in Fluff on Ritz crackers. There is nothing that satisfies the sweet tooth as well as this tasty treat with a cold glass of milk. South Beach Diet be darned!