Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The English Trip

Like all couples who have been together for a number of years, Frank and I banter about just how much of the daily conversation is heard, vs. the amount that comes through as a simple of Frank's most consistent comments is that when I'm immersed in a book or the laptop, I don't tend to hear what he's saying. Three days ago I proved him wrong!

We've been discussing a major vacation for a while now, to commemorate my 50th birthday and our 25th anniversary as a couple. We've gone back and forth between a Europe trip (probably Paris), or one to the San Francisco-Napa-Santa Barbara area. Oddly, neither of us has been "wowed" by the ideas we've come up with so far, and have been almost complacent about an upcoming vacation. Usually I'm looking for the funkiest places to stay ("look, a guesthouse in the former garage of a deposed duke!") while Frank is buying every guide book known to man. This time around neither of us has been breaking any speed records to start some planning.....until three days ago.

In my usual way I was immersed in a book, and I thought I heard Frank say, "What about an English garden tour?" My brain reminded me that this is the man who HATES garden visits, and usually traipses along mildly grumbling as I make him climb the hundreds of stairs in an Italian garden (in July) only because I've told him there is a gelato bar at the top.

"England?" I asked. "Yes, maybe that part where they have that white garden, or that Great Dixter place." "A garden tour?" "But I think I like English gardens."

I had to choose between continuing the conversation and calling British Air before Frank realized what he had said........I don't remember the rest of the conversation........


  1. Simply buzz....Hope you have a great time. We need details. Where are you going? What are you going to see? Frank sounds like a nice chap.

  2. cute story....awesome trip......what a wonderful way to celebrate;)

  3. Oh, I hope we are there at the same time. It would be the bomb!

  4. Go for it. I follow a blog called "the galloping gardener", who just listed all of the gardens she has visited, maybe you can find the entire list of gardens in Great Britain.
    I like to say ridiculous things when I think someone isn't listening, like their is a dinosaur in the back yard. It is a good test to see who really is listening.

  5. Lol....
    A promise is a promise, how sweet.
    Be prepared to be amazed, the English gardens are stunning, you will never forget them.
    Take your umbrella's ;)

  6. I follow the Galloping Gardener, as well. It's going to be my reading for the next several days.....

  7. Tim - if you want to stay somewhere really wacky when in the UK try looking at the restored buildings of the Landmark Trust. Perhaps the most eccentric of them all is the Pineapple

    For gardens, there is the National Gardens Scheme which opens up private gardens for charity. Some are real gems.


  8. I hope you have a wonderful time if you do come to England. I look forward to reading your garden reviews - you'll probably visit more gardens than I have, and I live in England.

  9. Tim, great idea.

    Sissinghurst, Great Dixter, just fabulous.

    You may as well do a whole load, nothings too far, go to Hidcote, tour the Cotswolds, etc...

    Blog again as your trip nears and there's sure to be some extra tips and ideas.



  10. Capitol idea! I agree with Rob to make sure you see Hidcote.

  11. I'm excited for you! That is one of my dreams to do one day. I hope you are able to go.

  12. Tim, what a great trip for a birthday, you will have a great time, do bring an umbrella lol, you should start at Kew, then go from there! I LOVE the alpine area....just great.Happy early birthday! Brian