Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Photos from This Morning

None of the plants are happy about this ridiculous weather (nor is the gardener.....), but I have been amusing myself all day with the "frozen broccoli" we're growing. No need for blanching and freezing once it's picked!
This photo (above) is a shot of the waterall near the large koi pond. It reminds me of the ocean at home in winter.
I think these lilies are just too cold to realize they're frozen! Let's see what happens when the temperatures rise again!
Below, the Fatsia japonica is such an elegant plant, even in this weather. When the crazy cold hits, it almost appears to be bowing to Mother Nature. Fortunately it stands right back up after a few hours of warm sunlight.


  1. Yep, I bet some of those will have to regrow new foliage. Mine has a foot on top of mine so I don't have any doubts. We are 14 degrees above right now and will see six more inches of snow tonight. The jet stream is reaching down almost into Mexico. That is our problem.

  2. Oops sorry! When I turned that fan on, I was just trying to move some of my frigid air out. I had no idea it would travel your direction. I'm turning the fan to the north now in an attempt to send the arctic blast back to it's home.

  3. I thought I would mention that blogger has a schedule post options (in the post editing window down at the bottom). If you write three posts in one day you could have them come out over the span of a week. It's handy for when you know you will be busy but you still want your readers to feel the love.