Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Blossoms

Brugmansia "Betty Marshall" fills the Stepchild Garden with fragrance in the evening.

The red Swamp Hibiscus is now blooming, as well.
The Sylphium is well over the ten foot mark and still growing! (This is one plant)
A single bloom on Canna Australis at the Big House
The orchids on "summer holiday" in the woods
The Limelight hydrangea in the back garden is completely out of control this summer, but who has the heart to cut it when it looks this good?


  1. My Swamp Hibiscus has yet to even bud... My Confetti Angel's Trumpet is blooming as well.. That white hydrangea is gorgeous!

  2. Love the cup plant, am waiting eagerly for mine to bloom.

  3. Blooms or not, I like how the orchids are displayed, and judging from the foliage they are happy.