Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Morning

Weather for July 4th couldn't have been better.  Waking up to a feeling that was "almost chilly," at least by Atlanta standards, made it a treat to get some tidying up done at the Big House.  Mr. thought we were a little crazy to be working on a holiday morning, but after a couple of weeks of 90+ degrees, this was a treat!

The White Border is just starting to show off it's summer color.  The Shastas are up, and just waiting for some of the other plants to fill in.
Oakleaf hydrangea "Snowflake" is starting that transition to it's summer color, and will ultimately go to a chocolate brown until we clip the blooms.
I almost fell into the pond getting this shot of hymenocallis at the edge of the water.
The koi we call "Big Momma" was quite sure that if I was at the pond, it meant it was time for breakfast.  Since she's the size of a whole beef tenderloin with fins, the last thing she needs is another snack!


  1. Love the Spider lilies ... mine are in the ground... as is the Oak Leaf... Your garden is so well manicured.

  2. Like the new template and the white flower. :)

  3. Beautiful Tim (comma left out on purpose). What satisfaction you must get from viewing your creation.

    I was going over your recipe list. Braised short ribs sound soooo goooood. Keep posting your recipes, please.

  4. Ohhhh what a beautiful view that first photo is. What a lovely garden...-- Randy

  5. I collect & have a passion for hydrangeas. I love that they keep changing & are in bloom for 3+ months. I remain a big fan of your blog.