Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sandringham Estate

One of the favorite places for me was Sandringham Estate, which is the Queen's country home in Northeast England.  While we were touring the house, an elderly gentleman who was serving as a docent said, "This is the house where Her Majesty is not "Her Majesty;" this is where she is "Granny".  Although I obviously don't know the Queen, this is a home and garden that feels like the country home of an older (very wealthy) woman, not a property that feels regal and off-putting like Buckingham Palace.

As one enters the gate, the house is visible across the enormous lawn, which is very much in scale with the house.  Following the path through the wooded areas, glimpses of the house keep coming in and out of view.  
Along the walk, I fell in love with this conifer, which was not labeled.  The coloration is just incredible!   (Click to enlarge to get the full effect).
Most of the seasonal containers were blues and purples, which were quite perfect for the soft brick color and the 80-something owner.  This enormous container (approx 8 feet by 4 feet) was jammed with vanilla-scented heliotrope. 
Lots of lavender, fuschia and soft fluffy flowers in the traditional containers around the terraces. 
A beautiful view from the terrace across the lawn to a pond, below. 
Having come from Atlanta's 90 plus degree weather, a day strolling around Sandringham (with stops for the requisite scones with clotted cream) was pretty perfect!


  1. just perfect....lovely.

  2. Very nice Tim, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. So this must be the Sandrignham house that Hyacinth Bucket is always gushing about.

  4. "Boo-kay," young man....."Boo-kay!"