Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Year of Peculiar Weather

Whenever I hear people on television denying the fact that global warming exists, I discover another situation in the garden that is nothing short of bizarre.

At one end of the garden at the Big House, we have ginger just coming into bloom......
At the other side of the garden, camellias are blooming on September 2nd........
I think I'm believing Al Gore on this one.


  1. Tim,
    I would like to add that where I am here in Nebraska, I have had some of the most strange summer in quite a while.
    We had winter temps til the first week in July, then, bam, summer, then, now we are getting 39* the other day.
    I would like to add to the global warming, possible effects from the Icelandic volcano and the gulf dispersants, which it seems from what I have been reading and told, that is some of our complaints in the middle states and high plains.
    Anyway, my garden did strange things, my tomatoes are very slowly in ripening, and some of my summer squash is very strange also. My peppers seem to be ok, but otherwise, it is a strange summer. I'm sure, like last year we had 2 30" snow storms in Oct of last year, so I'm not sure what will come of it this year.
    Happy gardening and have a great holiday weekend.

  2. It is strange weather isn't it? Global warming is here. I wish more people would acknowledge it.

  3. You're absolutely right, Tim! This has been such a bizarre year since early April. I had fresh local strawberries Memorial Day weekend (a first), all ornamentals have been a consistent two weeks ahead of schedule - the list goes on and on. The naysayers need to get their heads out of their hindquarters........

  4. I had to leave the heater active in the greenhouse all sad!