Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something New in the Garden

Just got the new "Sunny" Knockout Roses today. As much as the plant snobs are going to say about it, one cannot challenge the fact that the Knockouts are pretty awesome in the landscape!

I'm not putting them into the high brow rose bed, but at the top of the waterfall, nestled amongst deodor cedars and Emerald Spreader yews, this cluster should be pretty awesome! I think the bright yellow against the blues and dark blue greens of the conifers should be pretty amazing

The flowers on this one open bright yellow and fade to cream, and it's the first of the Knockout series to really have a scent. Obviously in 36 degree weather in Atlanta, there ain't a whole lotta bloomin' goin' on, but I can't wait for the sun and warmth to hit these babies! I've attached a photo from their own facts sheet, and will add a photo of my own results later in the season!

Stay warm! The word is 60's for the weekend! With rain! Does it get any better than that?


  1. LOL--I've never grown a rose, though I'm definitely not a plant snob. I'm just lazy, and to be honest, I don't find roses all that cute, in general. I admit I do like the Knockouts as they address many of the care issues, and the one you have pictured is actually cute to my eyes, as I personally prefer the single (less full) blooms. I also like how the buds are yellow but the flowers open white. OK, now break it to me. When will they be blooming for you?? (I might add that it is 20 this morning! 20! It feels so blamy after temps in the negative numbers that i didn't even wear gloves or a hat on my walk to work!!!

  2. It will probably start blooming late April, I would guess....but we're much less smug when the temps are over the 100 mark in July & August!