Friday, January 9, 2009

The Plan for the Spring Beds

Sometimes a brick house creates a few challenges in choosing colors for summer annuals. You haven't lived until you've seen fuschia up against terra cotta brick! I do subscribe to the belief that most flowers can work together (as in nature), but the whole fuschia-terra cotta combo sort of pushes me over the edge.

Feel free to steal these ideas. Since the fabulous Elaine (Kelli Green) grows them for me, chances aren't good you're going to find them locally! It's that whole joke about gardening being a competitive sport (If I have something in my garden and you don't, then I win this round!.....)

Anyway, this is the plan:

  • "Honey Bee" Lantana - loves the heat and the dry, will grow most anywhere, even under the crape myrtles - awesome "antique" sort of pastel shades.

  • Sun Devil Apricot Vinca in "Extreme Peach" -- we had great luck with this one last year, in a paler shade, so I'm hoping this shade is as awesome!

  • Purple & White Angelonia. I hadn't grown angelonia before last year, but thought it was a great flower in all regards. Can't wait to use it again!

  • Double Impatiens in Pale Pink and White...just everywhere in containers!

  • Milk Way Light Blue Calibrachoa - the hybridizer says it's specifically bred for Southern humidity

  • "Yellow Moon" Torenia in lots of pots. It needs to be deadheaded every twenty minutes, but it's worth it!

  • White "Tapien" Verbena - same look as Homestead Purple, but white

  • This cool new plant called "Joey" (ptilotus)---- new import from Australia with irridescent pink and silver heard it here first!


  1. Ok, the search is on for "Joey". Now I have to have some.

  2. If you continue to be really nice to me.........

  3. Tim: How interesting that you are a former New Englander! I have cousins in GA and spend much time in Smyrna/Marietta. Get ready, next trip down to GA will have to stop in and see your garden! LOL Thanks for visiting Ledge and Gardens. You know how much we all appreciate comments. I know what you mean about brick. No worse combination than PJM purple against a brick background! Cornell Pink works well though. Can't wait to see more of your gardening pictures.

  4. So mentor...tell me about these plants. What are their "needs" and habits and well everything I need to know to grow them? *grin

  5. Pumpkin, come and help me plant the 2500 little plants, and you'll become an "expert" on their needs.....