Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some "Must Have Plants" for 2009

Just finished perusing the new catalog for Select Seeds (have I mentioned before that they are an AWESOME company to buy from?) A few things that I think I definitely need to find homes for this season:

Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia) "Betty Marshall"....pure white with pale yellow-green ribs in the flowers...I still love the old-fashioned apricot color, but this one is really amazing looking! It's such a great containter plant, especially if started early indoors.

All of these different nicotianas (Patti and I can never agree on the pronunciation.....), especially the cultivars called "Jasmine" and "Woodland"

Amaranth! The Love-Lies-Bleeding that I planted last year promises to continue bleeding all over the place for the rest of my life, but in the dead of winter I tend to forget how quickly they spread here in Atlanta.....I'm thinking I need to have "viridis" to mix in with the ones I'll inevitably have from last year's LLB seeds.... (Photo above)

Texas Sage "Brenthurst"....The catalog says it's "RARE," which means I really need to have at least one of those plants! Plus, "Mrs." is going to love the color!

"Benary's Giant Lime" cool is this going to look popping up in the midst of the perennial borders?

Black Eyed Susan Vine "Alba".....this definitely looks like the start of a great container arrangement, climbing up a beautiful black tuteur

Clematis "Chinese Lanterns" along with Clematis "Roguchi".....I can just picture how beautiful that will be climbing up through the tea olive hedge (That's "Roguchi" above)

Apple Blossom Rosebud this one last year (three of them), and they are still going strong in the greenhouse! This is a really special plant!


  1. But now you have told all of us about your gems so we will all have them. *wink

  2. Great blog, Tim. Love the plant rundown for 2009. I'm always looking for something new and exciting.