Monday, January 12, 2009

The Source for Awesome Plants

I think I mentioned it before, but I get virtually all of my annual flowers (summer and winter) from Kelli Green Nurseries in East Cobb. Elaine and crew are just amazing to deal with, and their products have never disappointed me.

I feel strongly about supporting independent local businesses, and Elaine has been involved at Kelli Green for many years; I'm not completely opposed to buying from some of the "big box" stores, but how often is someone from one of those stores going to grow your plant from seeds in her own home garden just to test it out?

The new introduction called "Joey" is something that Elaine recommended, that has been getting great reviews. Hopefully it's going to make an awesome "statement" surrounding a large birdbath at the top of a flight of stone steps.


  1. Maybe you could talk Elaine into growing an extra few flats for us plant nuts that follow your blog. Since Kelli Green is soooo close to my house, I could just pop over and buy a couple.

  2. It's that old adage about gardening being a competitive sport. As long as I get the new stuff first.......