Saturday, August 8, 2009

August in Georgia is Not for The Faint of Heart

According to the television news anchors, this isn't officially the "Dog Days of Summer," but you couldn't tell that by the weight of the air as I walked around the garden. Some of the more delicate plants have retired until the cooler weather of September, but there are a few hardy plant souls out there that are just loving this heat!
From the top: The liriope earns its keep in August with those great purple spikes; "Honeycomb" Buddleia; Paniculata Hydrangeas; Crocosmia, and the Turtleheads that are just starting to break into bloom.


  1. Love Honeycomb butterfly bush. I rooted a yellow one this spring and have great hopes for it. I am also loving your brugs!!

  2. The yellow butterfly bush is not nearly as hardy as the purple and white, but worth trying. This is its second year, and it's doing well. Last year it was so disappointing I gave it a final warning to bloom or it was gone! That seemed to work!