Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Inspirational Collection of Containers

During yesterday's visit to Atlanta Botanical Garden, I saw this arrangement of terra cotta pots, which I thought was particularly impressive. What's even better is that the pots are placed to block the view of a pretty ugly electrical box that is used for the concerts ABG occasionally has on the great lawn.

The combination of burgundy-blacks with chartreuse green is pretty neat, if you ask me. The best part is the ABG habit of listing the component plants, so I've put that on here, as well.

(People who know me realize that my standard "uniform" is a somewhat rumpled untucked shirt......), part of my middle aged rebellion!


  1. Love these containers--very similar planters (although not in containers) were all over St Louis parks and in MOBOT!

  2. I love those containers. I like seeing larger ones like that to get ideas from, even better when they actually have plant lists.

  3. Now those are impressive pots!!!

    The Colocasia looks stunning

  4. Containers are so versatile! These are beautifully done. Cornell Plantations does the same thing around the entrance to their gift shop, and every year they're different and really amazing. Your photos are terrific - thanks for always sharing so generously.

  5. These are wonderful containers. You are so lucky to live so close to a wonderful display.
    Happy Harvesting going on in my garden these days but happy I took a moment to enjoy your blog. THANK YOU for sharing!