Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Photos of the Stepchild Garden

Here is a photo of the arbor that Chuck built in June, which is finally starting to look at little more "settled in." The New Dawn Rose had to be seriously whacked back when I removed the old arbor, but it doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear! I trim this back at least once every ten days and it always looks like Medusa, waiting for unsuspecting pedestrians. The great part is that all of those tentacles are covered with hundreds of pink blooms in May, in time for the tour! The Moon Vine is racing up to the top of the arbor, and just starting showing off some blooms last week.

The top shot is the sylphium I mentioned last week. It's the perennial that everyone mistakes for a small tree. To give you an idea, the sad looking dark-leaved canna in front of it is about 3 feet tall. It puts on this much height every summer, and still manages to throw off at least twenty "babies" each season.

The seond one is showing some of the perennials that are strutting their stuff this week. The "Hot Lips" salvia is light and whispy, but holds it own with the rudbeckia and "Victoria Blue" annual salvia. That Teddy Bear Magnolia just went in last year, and will ultimately shade out the perennials, but such is the nature of long term gardening....

PS Try as I might, I never manage to pick up the hoses before the photos are taken....


  1. The arbor is beautiful. I love the sylphium and will have to reasearch that. My moonflower vine started blooming a few days ago.

  2. I love sylphium. Ad it's funny how we all have our own names for the same kind of garden: step-child, back 40, wild beds (that's mine), etc. :)

  3. I got the sylphium from a friend, and it was a seedling that appeared in the middle of the lawn. Mine sends off babies in that same way, and I regularly give them away. Apparently it's listed as "invasive" in Connecticut, but "endangered" in Michigan? Go figure. Like many native plants, it has a root that seems to go to China!