Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moore in the Garden

I finally made it to Atlanta Botanical Garden yesterday to see the Henry Moore exhibit, which is pretty awesome! Until seeing them in person, I didn't really have a good grasp for just how enormous some of these pieces are!

My friend, Hillary, is the Sr. Horticulturist at ABG, and for the past few months she's been telling me what a task it was to incorporate a sculpture into the middle of a perennial bed for which she's responsible. I kept thinking, "I'm sure it's big, but how bad could it REALLY be?" you can see, it's definitely a serious challenge to a gardener! Fortunately Hillary is very talented, and did an amazing job! (I love the White Joe Pye Weed dancing around the giant white sculpture!)
To give you a feel for size, the Joe Pye Weed near this sculpture's leg is at least six feet tall!


  1. LOL, the only objection I have with Henry Moore is a personal brain disconnect. Because I became familiar with Barbara Hepworth's work first, which is similar, whenever I see a Moore (like yesterday at the Flint Art Institute) I excitedly hurry over thinking to myself, "Oh boy! The have a Hepworth!" which invariably turns into "Oh, it's a Moore!" I love the size, shapes, and materials they both used.

  2. I saw the Henry Moore exhibit a Kew Garden in London. It seemed to work because of the scale of the 200 yo landscape. It was breathtaking.