Monday, September 28, 2009

I am Officially "Potless" (for the moment)

The weather yesterday was absolutely glorious, and it was one of those days that I got to spend several hours by myself working in my own garden.......Work a little, allow myself to wander a little, take a walk with Sadie the Dog, and get a lot accomplished by day's end.

At this moment, everything that was lying around the garden in pots is officially in the ground!

There are a few new irises (I'm having to focus on some spring bloomers for the tour next year), a catmint called "Blue Cloud" that is really white in my eye, lots ot things that were pass-along plants from friends, etc., etc.

On Saturday (in the pouring rain), we dug three gigantic hydrangeas out of Renee's creek that I moved to my garden. Two Endless Summers and one that I'm going to call "Renee's Lacecap" until I can find out what it really is. Endless Summer is not a personal favorite, but they were huge and free.

Here are photos of "Magical Encounter" Iris, and Fallopia that I planted in the shade garden. I'm not usually big on pink flowers, but this iris is pretty amazing! (The photo is from the grower; it's not blooming at the moment).


  1. I would love to have your job. What fun!

  2. welcome Tim, nice to have you! I love your blog! Brian