Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sarah's Garden

I visited my friend Sarah's garden this afternoon, and it's one of my favorite gardens. Part of what appeals to me is that Sarah does virtually all of the work herself, and it is completely a labor of love. She has an amazing eye for detail, which I'm hoping comes through in these photos.

At the top, there is a piece of "folk art" she created a few years ago out of old garden tools. I think it's pretty awesome, and am planning to recreate something similar for my own garden (she knows......)

Sarah loves vines, and has done a really amazing job encouraging a number of different vines to climb up the brick walls of her home. I especially like the creeping fig on the kitchen stairs.

Lastly there is a picture of the handles on the garden gate. What a perfect indication that you're entering a really beautiful space!


  1. I too love the old tools "collage" and the garden overall. Ideas are always free! :)

  2. Very creative, I love what she did with the garden tools.