Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off to Build Myself an Ark

It stopped raining today.....for almost 20 minutes.

After two years of really bad drought, all of us in the gardening community pledged never to complain about rain. I'm not complaining, but can we temper it's arrival just a little? Just over 5 inches of rain since Wednesday, and no sign of letting up any time soon.

The first work day for the "Garden Angels" sprucing up the garden for next spring's tour was today. This photo isn't exactly my garden, but it will give you a good idea of what it was like this morning. Fortunately there were lots of things to pot up in the garage.......and donuts!


  1. LOL, my first thought when reading the title was, you'd be better off building rain barrels, but then I saw the photo!!! ;-) I guess you DO need an ark!

  2. This is actually a vintage photo I found, but it's no so far off from what we're looking like at the moment. The rain barrels simply can't keep up, and are filling in (literally) a matter of minutes. Over two inches of rain between midnight and 7:30 AM today!

  3. I know what you mean by us declaring that we'd never complain about rain again. So I'm not. But, good grief, why can't it come a little at a time. It seems like it always all or nothing.

  4. Geez Tim, I just heard on CNN that some areas got 12 inches down your way, and the rain won't end till Thursday. I wish you could share as we have been in drought in this part of NC.

  5. At my house, it's been 10.79 inches since last Tuesday; at "The Big House," it's been 13.75 inches. My greatest concern is that there is a creek that runs through the estate. Will have photos this afternoon.

    Phillip, are you getting it there, as well?