Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Containers

Here are two new containers I picked up this week that I thought were pretty cool.  The hummingbird box is one of a pair for the big house, and it's actually a "rust" finish over concrete, so completely maintenance free.  The Celestial Maiden planter is for the Stepchild Garden.  Please ignore the fact that she's sitting in a bed of weeds in this shot.  The container weighs 95 pounds, and got prompty placed on the ground near the truck until I move it to its permanent home!


  1. Gorgeous containers!.. I've got the same plants that u have in that top container...95lbs.? guess I would have to pass that up... no way could I lug that home.

  2. love love love the first beautiful.

    Steven Anthony
    Man Dish~Metro Style

  3. You found yourself some great treasures for the garden. We had gone to the flea market and some of the vendors were selling beautiful cast iron planters out of New Orleans. But to heavy to haul around like the treasures you found. Have a great day in the garden.....Julian

  4. Weeds? I see no weeds,just a nice bed of straw. If you want weeds you need to come to my that's weeds! lovely containers.