Monday, August 30, 2010

Should We Go? What Shall We Wear?

Ok, so I obsess just a little (can one "obsess" a lttle?) about the fact that there is a TEN YEAR wait to get access to Prince Charles' Highgrove Farms.  I've finally come to terms with the fact that it is not on the itinerary for the England trip, though I do feel they should make an exception for my fiftieth birthday.  The Prince's office, however, feels differently.

Imagine my delight when I found out about "A Garden Party to Make a Difference," which Charles and Camilla (I like to think we're on a first name basis) are hosting at Clarence House. By pure coincidence, we're going to be in London while this event is going on.  I need to find a new hat, because we are SO going to this!  I'm sure as soon as they meet us, they'll put us on the guest list for William and Kate's wedding......


  1. With a good hat, you should be a sure thing for an invitation.

  2. I have to admit, Tim, that the highlight of my visit to Highgrove (I was one of the lucky ones!) was receiving the letter of confirmation. I carefully resealed the envelope and still leave it lying around casually.

    The reason? Friends suddenly notice it, addressed to me, with the Highgrove House postmark and Prince of Wales seal on the front. I tell them, as casually, as I can, "Oh, I think it's probably just a lunch invite. I ought to get around to opening it, I suppose".

    It never fails to get them anything other than agitated - especially when I won't open it in front of them!!

    Have a great time at Clarence House.


  3. I can't believe I read the blog of someone who may or may not be known in the Royal circles. I feel honored. Can you get me a title?

  4. Tim,
    This trip is getting very exciting. Happy up-coming fiftieth birthday.

  5. Hi Tim,
    Glad to see that you are still coming over to blighty for your hols! Unfortunately I think that you have missed the garden party, unless you have an invitation to a private 'do' of course, which knowing you might well be possible! Do you have any concrete plans for when you are over here?

  6. I don't know about the hat, Tim, but if you really want to make a hit with Charles, show up in kilts if you can concoct the proper identity to go with it! Hope you guys have a fantastic trip - consider me deeply envious!

  7. Les, I have no shortage of hats. The issue is that Frank won't be seen near me when I'm wearing most.
    Johnson, I would do exactly what you have done with the invite! That's priceless!
    Tom, I'm sure you have any number of titles already, just none appropriate for Blogspot!
    Gary, you put me in a panic! The Garden Party is September 8 through 19.
    Susan, sadly for Frank, I already have a kilt!

  8. Hi Tim,
    Apologies for that! Charlie has been having so many this year that I missed the advertising for that one. Hope you enjoy, they are really good fun, and if you don't learn anything new then there is always the champagne!!

  9. Sounds like it would be so intresting to venture off to Highgrove Farms for a garden party and see the beautiful gardens. Do enjoy your selves and enjoy that beautiful city.........Julian

  10. OMG! I am sensing we are going to have an international "incident..." Strange American (wearing a nice hat) stalking Royals thru garden...Jimmy Carter will have to fly over and ask for your release from the royal guard...
    :-) "Just sayin...."

  11. I would never succeed as a terrorist! My only demand is a wedding invitation, and perhaps the ability to take cuttings from some royal plant! What does one buy a prince for his wedding? Tupperware?

  12. I just bought the Prince's book. I can't wait to hear your tales concerning this event. The Prince and I share the same birth date but for the year. He is much older than I but I am older than you. Happy early birthday.