Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weather Not Fit for Man Nor Beast!

Just got home from the Big House, and casually hooked the leash onto Sadie's collar for the afternoon walk.  We made it about ten feet from the porch when she made it clear I could walk by myself in this weather!  It's 95 degrees at the moment, and you can drink the air, with a "heat index" of 105.  Sadie is already back on the tiled floor of the bathroom, in her spatchcocked chicken pose.
This was one of those days at work when clipping hydrangeas for arrangements or watering the containers at the pool left us soaking wet. Sweat bands and bad hair are the look of the week.  By contrast, I have never seen so many butterflies and hummingbirds, who are just delighting in the heat! 

At least if we are going to melt, we might as well enjoy the sights!

To add insult to injury, I just got an email from the B & B where we're staying in England in September.  It's 67 degrees, dry and sunny at the moment.........


  1. What a gorgeous shot!.If I were you, I would bask in the thought of that 67 degree weather... A friend in Arkansas is not loving the humidity either... 90% yesterday for him...

  2. Wonderful photo of the Swallowtail. I wish I could get that close to ours. We have cool weather here in southern CA, uncommon for this time of year. We should be in the high 90's if not higher. Crazy weather all around the world! I will send out some cooling thoughts your way.

  3. You're going to England? Lucky you! Have a 99 Flake for me!