Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Beauties

While we've all been busy planting pansies and winter annuals, there are certain plants that just do their own things, and really become show stoppers in the garden at this time of year.  I was walking around the garden at the Big House early this morning, and snapped a few random shots of things I thought looked particularly good.

The rose "Bella Roma" seems to like it a bit cooler, and really comes into its own when the night time temperatures drop for a couple of weeks.
As "pedestrian" as Crape Myrtle can be, there aren't a lot of plants that are this little maintenance for this much interest in all seasons! 
Old-fashioned sweetgum, definitely not a favorite tree, really shows off its color in October and November.  It still has a terrible form and drops those nasty balls all over the place, but gets a little forgiveness from me in autumn. 
Pitcher plant in the bog, below. 
Juniper "Lime Glow" is showing off its color in this planter with variegated ivy. 
Pineapple sage has such a delightful fragrance every time one walks nearby.  It is planted this close to the gate on purpose, since each time the gate opens, it releases its fragrance. 
Rose "Sharif Asma" has a beautiful fragrance, and is underplanted with prostrate rosemary, so the combination is overwhelming when pruning. 
The orange-flowered Osmanthus just glows right now. 
Tricyrtis is looking beautiful all over the garden! 
Even the Wal-Mart zinnias are looking pretty fabulous! 


  1. Fall rose blooms are the best.

  2. I'm a big fan of the pedestrian crape myrtle and agree with you about the Sweetgum. Pineapple sage is on my wish list.

  3. Beautiful photos as always, Tim! Regarding the 'Bella Roma' rose, I've found that 'Peace' does much the same thing - the colors intensify as the weather cools down. Unfortunately, I think the voles did in my 'Peace' last winter, It barely came back at all in the spring, and looked so pathetic that I did the only humane thing and pitched it. I'll have to get another one next year - it was my mom's favorite rose, so I must have one!

  4. I like the idea of the pineapple sage next to the gate. Great photos. I was so glad when an ice storm took out my neighbors Sweetgum tree, those damn balls hurt when they drop 20+ feet and hit the gardener ;o/

  5. The Tricyrtis steals the show for me.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. They are not from Walmart, but I will be pulling my Zahara zinnias out tomorrow to make room for fall annuals. They have bloomed non-stop since I put them in back in May. I wish more gardeners would appreciate the fall color that comes from the Crapes.

  7. One of my friends, a native South Carolinian, has always said you could tell the Yankee transplants the first time they try to walk on Southern pavement with bare feet, or the first time they try to walk on the grass under a sweet gum with bare feet!