Sunday, October 3, 2010

Westbrook House Bed & Breakfast

After Windsor, we set off for Somerset for the last three days of our England trip, deciding that Westbrook House B & B would be our base for exploring that part of the world.  I don't honestly remember how I first came upon it many months ago, but it seemed like a county house owned by an interior designer and a garden designer had to be a great place to spend a few days.  As the trip got closer, I even considered moving into a more urban place like Salisbury, but something made me stay with this reservation.  It was definitely a smart thing to do! 

Westbrook House is in West Bradley, very close to Glastonbury and Wells, and proved to be a perfect base for exploration.  In and of itself, it's really what one would picture as "the perfect English house."  I would highly recommend this to anyone traveling in that part of the world.  David and Keith are perfect hosts, and are a wealth of knowledge about the area.  An added bonus was that I got a first hand demonstration of cooking on an Aga, which has always intimidated me.
David and Keith both work an "high end" market with their respected clientele, and it shows in the way their own home is detailed.  Perhaps we'll find an excuse to go back again..... 


  1. It looked like a very enjoyable place to visit. I do like all the perfect details in great color and design.

  2. It was a smart thing to do. You stayed at a gorgeous place and the gardens are yummy. Thanks again for sharing your tour pics....

  3. Thanks Tim for your kind remarks about Westbrook. We'd rate you and Frank as Five Star guests! Hope to see you again. Wonderful photographs of all your travels, by the way.