Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tintinhull Garden

The last garden we visited on the England trip was Tintinhull, which is a small National Trust property near Montacute House. It was not on our original list, but was recommended by Keith and David at Westbrook House B & B. Tintinhull Garden is, in a word, "delightful."

The National Trust refers to it as one of England's most "harmonious" gardens, and I would have to agree.  With each step through this garden, there is an incredible sense of peace and tranquility.  
What is also quickly apparent is that, since this garden is not huge, every detail matters in a major way.  Nothing is done casually in this garden of several "rooms." 
The sensibility of color is just stunning, developed by the property's owner of many years, Phyllis Reiss, and then enhanced by long-time renter Penelope Hobhouse. 
Frank asked if we could have a vegetable garden like this if we took down a couple of trees to create more sunny space at home......yes, of course, with six more acres and a few hundred thousand dollars.....imagine the pleasure of bordering one's vegetable beds with those long rows of lavender! 
The mixed border as seen across the lily pond, below. 
This photo below is one of my favorites.  I'm not sure that one can ever achieve "perfection" in design, but this certainly comes close in my book! 
Don't you just love this contemporary work comprised of several umbrellas, appearing to roll across the lawn??


  1. Love the lavender borders. And the fragrance, Oh my.
    Every sense can be filled to capacity at one time.

  2. How can I get Penelope Hobhouse to rent from me for a few years?

  3. I want, want, want a walled garden........

  4. Your trip was nothing less of super fantastic. Thanks for sharing so many images and thoughts!!!

  5. Les, I offered her free rent on my hovel in Atlanta, but she's 81 and living in a manor house with her children......rather hard to compete with!

  6. Then I guess there's no chance of getting her to move to Minnesota! I've so enjoyed seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a wonderful place to visit. I can dig the umbrellas. It is a neat idea.