Thursday, October 21, 2010

She Heard Me Talking......

We're in the midst of redoing all of the containers with fall and winter arrangements, and try to do them all at the same time (at least all of them in one area of the property), so there is a consistent theme and color running through the whole area.  For the past several days, we've been working around the pool. 

With each change of season, Patti and I do "the dance" about which things should be left "just a few (hours, days, weeks) longer" because they are still blooming.  As much as I can often agree, I am also sensitive to making sure things get switched out so the new plants have enough time to become established before cold weather hits.

On Saturday, it really did bother me to remove the Brugmansia "Betty Marshall" so that the Camellia could be installed in that space for winter.  Clearly Betty heard me say her death was impending a few days early, because the bloom was simply incredible!  Unfortunately my sensible side won out, but what a swan song for this summer season!  I'm justifying it by reminding myself that I'm only putting Betty to sleep for the winter, and after a few months of resting in a bucket of water, she'll be back, better than ever!


  1. Tim,
    Great post. I always seem to forget how complicated and time-sesitive it is to put the potted plants and garden to bed. One day you have all the time in the world, and the next it feels like beat the clock.

  2. I always face a similar delimma this time of year. I know what has been growing all summer still has color and life left for several more weeks, but if I don't get the winter annuals established while it is still somewhat warm, they will not reach potential.

  3. Tim, Betty certainly went out in a blaze of glory! She was absolutely beautiful! I sympathize with you on the issue of chucking plants or flowers while they're still in their prime - whenever we get our hands on really choice flowers at the historic home I volunteer at (wedding leftovers, etc.), we'll recycle them in arrangements as long as we decently can. I just can't bear to throw them out. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I found out that the Aalsmeer cut flower auction throws out anything not sold by the end of the morning - give it all to me, you heartless Philistines!

  4. At the moment we're in "beat the clock" mode, but are having a glorious (though dry) fall in Atlanta, which gives some more time. At the moment the greenhouse looks like something exploded, but some new containers arrived today, so we're making headway!