Friday, January 7, 2011

The Calendar, continued

Two things I left out of the last post:
1.  I keep this document on my computer as a regular Excel document.  By doing that, I can keep editing and saving, I can cut and paste for things that happen every month, can remove items that die or get "shovel pruned," and add things that are added into the garden.  I'd love to tell you it's a fancy process, but it's not.
2.  The other thing we do during the first week of each month is fertilize everything in the greenhouse (except those few exceptions which go dormant for the winter or have more specific needs) with a weak liquid fertilizer (something suitable for houseplants).  Organic liquid (fish based) fertilizers are great for this, but will often leave a "funky" odor for a few days.


  1. Hi Tim,
    I love the term 'shovel pruned'!lolol
    As for the fertilisers and smells, we used to use a chicken manure called 6X, boy did that pong!

  2. Our cats love when we fertilize with a little fish emulsion in our greenhouse.....very watered down of course.

  3. Thanks, Tim. Although I have several books that do a week/month schedule like this, I never seem to remember to look at them. Having this on your blog is really great!

  4. I wish you & yours, Peace & Prosperity in 2011!