Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some More Photos of Snow and Ice

I needed to go to the Big House yesterday to water things in the greenhouse and knock the accumulated snow and ice off the boxwoods.  I was feeling a little like Christopher Lloyd gingerly making my way over the icy steps!  As difficult as it was to get around the garden, "Missus" had managed to get birdseed to all of the feeders while the gardener (me) took a couple of snow days off.  Even in floods and snowstorms, nature's creatures still eat well at the Big House!

This variegated boxwood looks like it has become the perfect little whipped cream conehead!
The view across the woodland garden hardly looks like Atlanta 
Crataegus "Winther King" has been the star of the photo show with all of this winter's snow. 
I always think of Nandina as a Southern plant.  It certainly doesn't look that way in this shot. 
It's hard to imagine that the pond will be filled with tropicals in a couple of months! 
Thuja "Rheingold" is not looking happy!  Something tells me she's going to need some clever corseting with some discrete wires for the spring. 
In the greenhouse, this ancient Rex begonia doesn't care about the snow outside! 
Fresh Thai chili peppers, anyone? 
A little cycad and some "Toe Tickler" grass in pots seems the quintessential greenhouse photo! 


  1. So beautiful, the pond is especially nice in the snow.

  2. As if I needed another reason to dislike 'Rheingold'.

  3. Les, I couldn't agree more. It continues to live just to spite me!

  4. I am always surprised, when I assess the winter damage, by what plants made it & what plants bit the big one. It is in the mid-50s in Portland & it seems that the bananas lived through the big cold snap, but not the lavenders.

    Beautiful photos of one zany winter!
    Love your blog, young man.