Monday, January 31, 2011

In the Garden on Sunday

The Autumn Cherry never knows what season it is, but it certainly knows that there is warm sunshine today!
One of the few camellias that didn't get zapped by the Christmas snows. 
Crocus & Leucojem are getting restless 
The pansies jump right back to life after a couple of days of sun 
Edgeworthia ready to burst into bloom near the screened porch.  How can such a homely plant have such incredible fragrance?
Rhododendrons absolutely love this cold winter weather! 
It's raining now and getting cooler, but it still beats the snow and ice of New England!


  1. I was a marvelous weekend and the garden was telling us winter is almost over.

  2. They may be small signs, but I will take them. The only thing going on here is the emergence of narcissus foliage. My Edgeworthia is still very tight.

  3. Yes, your spring is just around the corner. Beautiful bud and bloom.

  4. Tim,
    Spring is indeed on it's way over there. Here in the UK things are still very much dormant and will probably remain so for another month or so. 'Bring on the warmer weather', thats what I say! Is that your own wonderful garden?