Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Afraid Chuck Might Move Out of the Neighborhood

The Georgia Perennial Plant Association hosts its annual symposium at the Atlanta Botanical Garden this year on Saturday, February 5.  If you're within a couple of hours of Atlanta, it's definitely worth the drive. This year's theme is "The Pleasure Garden."

I have attended the symposium for the past few years, and always come away with some great ideas for both the stepchild garden and the garden at The Big House.  Great new plants, cool combinations that I hadn't considered before, etc.,etc.  All good things.

Here's the problem........
Dan Benarcik from Chanticleer is the first speaker that morning.  Anyone who follows this blog knows that I'm a bit of a Dan Benarcik groupie, and have absolutely no problem telling people that my goal is to have a garden that looks like Chanticleer. 

The last time I became obsessed with something from Chanticleer was the Adirondack chairs that Chuck foolishly agreed to make for me as a birthday present.  (That story is in a post here from late July of last year).  By the time they were finally finished, Chuck almost threw them across the street to my house, and I had to do the painting!

I think I need to start reminding Chuck that his chairs are one of my favorite things in the garden, and remind him that they really weren't all that difficult to make..........if Dan Benarcik has any cool new things in his presentation for me to obsess about (and he will), I'm screwed.


  1. cook him something fabulous, ply him with a lot of wine, then show him the picture of what you want. On your hands and knees, of course.

  2. Tim,
    That looks like a great line up! I wish I lived closer.The chairs look like the came off the grounds of Chanticleer.

  3. It was my goal to build a couple of those chairs as I had seen them on Victory Garden on PBS. I blogged about it in 2009 but nothing got made. Your two red chairs are marvelous.

  4. I do like a chair with wide, level arms - perfect for holding adult beverages.